D16z6/p28 Wiring 94cx Hatch

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Hey guys, I have a 94 CX and I am putting a 93 d16z6 motor and tranny run by a 94 P28 ecu in it. I need to know what additional wires I must run, and where I can get diagrams on the ECU plug to connect. The motor came with the engine harness, will it plug right in, then I need to run 3 extra wires from the Vtec solenoid to the ECU and tap in at the pins in my CX connector? God I hope it's that easy :D

Thanks, Matt
Dude, as far as i've heard, you just plug it right in. The vtec wires might already be in your stock harness from the ecu to the bay. check it out and let me know.
I thought the VX and SI were the only hatches to have the vtec wires run. I know some 92 and 93 models had the vtec already ran but I'm pretty sure that by 94 model year the CX was not pre-wired for vtec.....that would be sweet if it was though :D

Someone else out there have any idea?

Thanks, Matt
Even if, all you need to do is run 3 little wires and your set.
So it is just the 3 wires? I thought it was only three but I wanted to make sure. If I need to run them I need to figure out where they get run to on the harness :D

Thanks, Matt
These 2 wires run strait from the vtec solenoid on the head to the ECU, A4 and D6
The green plug is the oil pressure, the gray harness with the yellow/green wires is the vtec solenoid

CX are not prewired, you need to get a Z6 harness, or extend it and solder.
Can I just cut the harness wire, extend it, then pin out the CX ECU harness, or are the plugs different. I got the P28 plugs and about 6 inches of wire when I got my ecu today....

Hey guys, I have a little confusion left on this subject. Okay, I am getting the D16Z6 engine harness with my motor, sorry I left that out before. Someone told me that they had done a swap on a CX and since they got the engine harness they didn't need to run any wires. I was under the impression that the harness that runs from the engine bay to the ECU was not wired for vtec and that I would still need to run wires. I'm totally confused now, but if all I need to do is plug my D16Z6 harness into the Firewall harness plug I will be thrilled. Sorry to re-hash what some may view as already answered, I just wanted to be certain on this....

I get the motor Friday! I can't wait to be rid of my 72hp CX motor!