Day 3 Working On The Eg / Gsr Swap **56k Stand Bac

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All the other forums seem to be tech related so I'm posting this here. I'm kind of new here, but all over Honda-Tech! Anyhow, hope you enjoy the thread :sleep:

It's been a while since I have actually spent more than a couple hours working on the Hybrid. Today, got out to the car just before 8a.m. and finished cleaning up everything just before 4p.m.

Pop's laying the oil pan gasket to rest


What it looks like beneath the oil pan for you guys who don't know (It was my first)


Shot of the oil pan screen assembly and I believe the flywheel in the background. Someone correct me if I am wrong :hammer:


Flywheel (??) up close and personal. Nice sharp teeth even though the color is not that great ;)


Motor installed:





The BEAST that put the BEAST in :p


--Ran 4 different colored 18 gauge wire through the firewall for vtec
--I have to get gaskets to put the OEM piping on the headers
--Install the axles / shift linkage
--Add fluids
--Install the new radiator
--Put the suspension back together
--Install OBD1 P72 ECU
--Wire everything up top
--Install GSR cluster once everything is running smoothly with no CEL's!
Originally posted by asmallsol@Mar 26 2003, 06:58 PM
did you replace the water pump and timing belt?

Looks nice.

Yeah, did both of those the other day.....