Del Sol/ Civic Swap

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well thanks to some venezuelen guy who decided to park in
the middle of the road, :whatafucktard:

my 95 sol s is no longer among us :angry: .but i still need to get around for the time being, i also have a 90 civic dx 4-door with a blown head. I have never found anything to tell me what model engine the civic has.

does anybody know what engine it has and tell me whether or not i can take the head off of the del sol motor and and swap it with the shitty blown head on the civic? and if they dont match how hard would it be for a full motor swap in the dim chance that the sol motor still runs.

and lastly if the motor is completely kaput then what else off of a del sol such as seats, headlights, tails etc.etc. should i strip from it at the impound lot . i wish to eventually get a crx and i think del sol seats would suit it nicely. thank you for any info.
seats will go in (make sure to get rails too) check the refrence section for what engine you have. When you totaled the sol, what part was hit? Basicly 95% of the suspention parts will go right on to your car with little complication. If it is just on one side, you may want to buy the car back from the insurance company and then part the thing out.
my mom was driving and she rear ended the guy who she says was parked (no brake lights) let this be a lesson never share owner ship of a car and trust no-one <_< from what she said she locked the brakes skidded then hit the guy I haven't seen the sol yet i'm assuming the hood probley looks like a f'n tent

the sol has a d15b7
and the civic has a d15b2
so the heads should be swappable right?