del sol trunk


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cliff notes:
carbon fiber trunks and tops on the sol are gay.
19's are gay.
unsprung weight fucks you.
if you get anything but a CF hood because you are "serious" about weight reduction then you better paint it the color of your car so no one sees that homosexual monstrosity on your car.
and 19s are gay


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painted CF = :worthy:

My buddy got a CF hood for his VW GTi , I saw it after he put it on the car.
I asked him" you're gonna have to take it off again to get that shit painted right". he looks at me funny and says "No!" I know have less respect for his VW and him for that matter. At least his car is black but :tfg:


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hell yea. if you are really serious about it, you would paint it... otherwise you just want to havfe two different colors on your car because you are a homo


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I like the whole carbonfiber hood look (oops i said look). The trunks arnt that bad if you're broke, though i'd paint it if you had cash....but the cf tops are GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, like do me in the butt gay.

19's are ghetto fab.
ghetto fab is gay
thus 19s=gay