del sol vtec for trade

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whats up people, i want to get rid of my 94 dohc vtec del sol,its totally stock,and was previously owned by a 60 year old man that sat it in the garage next to his benz, so you know it was well takin care of, i haven''t even put 2k on it yet, i just can't handle the payments, i wanna trade for a 96 or up civic with an h22a possibly an accord with an h22a, get a hold of me if your interested
i don;t want to trade it into a dealership, anyone that does that is dumb as hell, i meant trade someone straight up, maybe some money, mine for theirs
I'm not talking about trade in to a dealer either , I was givin you kbb info. about what you could expect to get for it.

It'll be way easier for you to sell the car and buy a different one. There's more people with cash to buy than with a car to trade
yea see kbb is retarded,there is no way that a del sol vtec is only worth like 5000 even if it has 130k on it, im not like ripping on you or anything like that, don't take this wrong, i went to a couple other sites and it says that my car is worth 7200ish and i don't like have to get rid of the car so it can take a while to find someone to trade me thats not a problem, i just can't be with out a car even for a day cause i have no way to get around so i need to trade, i just want a civic with an h22a i should just got it in the frist place, oh well
a bone stock del sol vtec is clearly not worth an H powered civic. hell ... mine isn't worth an H powered civic and i spent to much money on the damn thing
ok my girlfriend wants one... how much? i'm being serious, and if you want to know what i have for trade look at my posting [ turbo si hb]

i have an accord with a F22B non-vtec JDM dual cam motor, it has low miles and i am willing to will love this car. It has an ACT stage III clutch, semi lightened flywheel, DC Sport Header, Stage I Web Cam, ProCore Catalytic Converter, Thermal Exhaust, Cool Air Intake, Honda Remapped ECU, front and rear strut tower bars, and it has new tires on the front and the rear. The complete swap cost $4300 plus all the other parts. It has some damage to the passenger side. Ask and i will get pictures for you. The last time i ran the car at the track it ran constant 14.9's all day. It has never seen nitrous and has only 59,000 miles on the engine. The car has 159,000 on the body. There is no rust and it just had a new paint job. It use to be silver and now is Black. It has been lowered and has KYB shocks. It will need a new headlight, Fender, corner lens, and side marker on the passenger side. The previous owner to me had taken out the carpets and the A/C. I took out the power steering. This motor is a JDM and i have the reciepts, it also has new axles. This is a great car and it treats me great. It has the JDM F22B, which is the 92-96 dual cam non-vtec prelude SI. It is a 5 speed as well. It also has a Black APR Spoiler(single wing with end caps that slant down). On the dyno it pulled 217HP and 173 trq. This is a fast car on the street. I have kept up with many new cars, it has kept up with a Carrera (non-turbo), Mustang GT's, Non Turbo RX-7's, VW's, Civics, some TURBO talons, and more. This is a great deal. I am willing to trade for the del sol and i live in IL.

I am very interested.

The Pics of the Accord
Haha, he posted that 4 months find that funny...n/m
ya i kinda fell outta the trading idea, sorry i just started buystuff to rebuild the motor and gettinga couple spots on the body fixed, little rust spots that i don't wan tto spread then i'll prly try to sell it
I was just curious about the h22a civic idea. do you know someone with one or what. that's a pretty expensive swap from what i hear, and i was wondering if you've seen several to expect anyone to have one? i've only heard of those swaps being done in drag cars. just curious.
I'll give you a 94 Civic DX automatic with a mini-me and a CRX that barely runs for it :)
yea actually a 5th gen with an h22a just sold here for 4k, outside was perfect, just needed a little interior stuff, theres about 2 other ones around, but i didn't want it with shit done to it, just the swap, no rims or any of that shit, but i dunno whats goin on i'm either rebuilding the motor or trading the b16 plus like 1500 for a b16b