Detroit Auto Show Pictures

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photo album

I took alot of pictures. There was alot of factory rice and i only took 2 examples. There is a pic of the new evo, sti, and tons of other cool cars. I would put more explanitions to the pictures but i just spent a good hour uploading them so i am tired. More info to come.




Mikey want!




I want one of the new 05 stang Cobra (on c&d they said 400+ hp).. I really dont like any of the new styling in cars and trucks now a days. They look like fucking aliens designed them!
The new Mustang is so ugly. The 5.0 body style should have stayed dead.

I love the new NSX front end.
Yeah, that looks like it is going to be one hell of a car as well.
i loved that episode.. i always wondered what happened to the cars after they were done with the show..
dude- FYI-
if you ever have sho pics or something- let me know, or send me a ZIP of them, and i'll make a page via photoshop webgallery. takes only a few min, and i can ftp up- instead of uploading one at a time-- which sucks ball sack i know
well thanks for telling me now, i spent like an hour uploading that shit,

The fucked up limo is the worlds fastest electric car 'KAZ' tops out at 191.XX

This car is pretty sweet, it is a german spec AWD 220-40 hp (cant remember the #) GTI with the VR6 engine.

I am likeing this new front end

Gabe, you work at a sign shop right? Do you work with magnets (like refregirator magnets) For autoX you need #'s on your car but i dont want anything permant but i want it to look nice. Would it be possible to make a beveled edge magnet that looks like this (maybe a 19 that would look like a 61 when filped upside down incase someone else has a 19)