Differences in Engine Bays

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B and I were talking the other day about motor swaps.

91 CRX DX = D15B2 ( D series motor)
94 Del Sol = D16Z6 (D series motor)

A different D series can be put in each and bolts up no problem
ie I can take a D16Z6 and drop in the Rex or I can get a D16A and drop it in either etc... without having to buy aftermarket motor mounts of fabrication

know here's the kicker.
Why can you drop a B Series in the Del Sol , no motor mounts need etc..
but a CRX needs aftermarket motor mounts.

What's different between the two. is it possible to use the motor mounts and frame mounts from a del sol in a crx and make it possible to just drop a b series in a rex ??
we were talking- and i was like WTF.

I have a d16z6 in my 5th gen
Jeff swapped a d16z6 into his 4th gen, no mount kit.
I am going to put the LS in- its known fact- no mount kit.

So if b series works in 5th, and 5th gen dseries works in 4th, WHY doesnt b series work in 4th?

its like a relational thing here...
so i can use my stock mounts to put a b16 in my 5th gen?

maybe they wont work because of the clearance on the sides. even after you get a b series mount kit for a 4th gen, dont you still have to bang on the inside of the wheel well?
i got it- the mount kit manufacturers knew they would fit with no mounts- but didnt tell anybody, its all a big conspiracy to get money for hasport. And until now, everybody automatically assumed that they wouldnt fit...bahahahaa
but it makes no sense...

i knwo 4th gen tranny mounts are different... but with a d-series in a4th, you use a 4th tranny due to it being cabel anyway....

only possibilites:

1. Conspiracy ;) :D :ph34r:

2. Your ls swap is not going into the sol

3. A d15b7 is not going into the crx

I dont know about you guys, but my vote is for the conspiracy :blink: