dizzy questions

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New Member
i just replaced the coil because of weak spark now i have no spark i was wondering what else it could be and was wondring if i had gotten the wires on the wrong tabs inside the dizzy
another quesion is i used obd1 clips and spliced them into the obd0 harness and was wondering if anyone knew which ones go where to make sure i did it right.


senior member
when i did my h22 in my civic i had a simular problem so i switched all my internals from my y8 vtec dizzy to h22 dizzy and found diagram for h22 dizzy on this site a couple weeks ago , but know having other issues with fuel delivery
maybe we can help each other


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make sure when you R&R everything that when you put back you didnt mess up the timing.......also make sure your wiring is connected right to the coil........check for resistance thru your secondary ignition circuit


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im runnin a mini me a6z6 and i had a diagram when i got my jumper harness and it showed where each one went and i just replaced the coil with a new one i will check everything out on tuesday when im home again but i dont know what else it could be .. maybe a bad ignighter unit or what