Doctorites ≠ common sense

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Yesterday I'd just showered and was doing laundry when my brother called. A psychologist on the other side of town had called in and said he cut some feed cables, and cut off his telephone lines. Ok, he's got like 4 lines, shouldn't be a problem.

I go and get my truck and head out there, I walk into the phone room that they're apparently remodelling, and come to find out there are two 25 pair cables, a 12 pair, a cat5e, and a whole shitton of 4 pair cables he'd just recklessly cut through.

Not only did he cut out his lines, he cut out the Indiana Department of Revenues' (I.D.R.) 5 lines.

I told him there isn't anything I can do today because fuck his stupid ass. I'm not missing the superbowl. lol

It took me an hour yesterday and 2 and a half hours today to figure out these lines along with a Verizon technician who was dispatched to repair their T1 line. It would have helped had ANY of the lines been marked anywhere at the Demark (where the outside wiring is hooked up to the inside wiring at a building). Instead I had to take my test set to each pair on a 25 pair (aka 50 wires) and a 12 pair (aka 24 wires) cable to find them.

I got done with his lines and was trying to find the lines for the I.D.R. when I was randomly holding onto the red blue pair to this 12 pair and it shocked me. holy shit... ringing voltage??!? (my eyes lit up) So I put my test set on it and holy hell... its their main line. First time in forever I've had some luck. I got the wire put back together in about a half hour with scotchlocks (fucking hate those things) and finally got the I.D.R. back up and running.

I just want to know what goes through peoples minds when they start taking sawzalls to wiring they don't know anything about. Why not just start sawzalling through electrical wires?
sounds like some fucking dumbass remodeling company.

fucking idiots.
they just cut through the wires or were they in a wall or something?
nah they were in the ceiling. he pulled the false ceiling completely down and just started chopping away.
I used to run into this all the time working for a networking company.. We ran cat 5/fiber.. Would be called back to many jobs because "it just stopped working". Come to find out it was just chopped in half by someone working in the attic on one thing or another.. Mostly AC technicians.. Line in the way? Clip it!

We ALWAYS ran our lines as close to the celing as possible, clean, cable tied, where they would be out of everyone's way.. Yet still these fucktards hack away at them. And being the type of company we were, you can't just go in and splice the wires, we had to run new ones every damn time.
I'm a cheater then. Once I'm in the attic, I run it any which way I can to just get it done. Usually try to go under ducts though.
well at least they provided you some work.. did you get the card of the company so you can follow them to the next job?
The guy who cut the wires was the guy who owns the building, the psychologist with the doctorate, but no common sense.