Doesnt Anyone Know?

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I'm gonna guess here, that your ECU is like OBD0 or something like that. But if it isn't is your ECU throwing any codes? If I'm wrong about this which I probably am cause I don't like cars older than 92, be gentle.
i am going to make a FAQ about fucked up idles.. i am the king of it... took me a year, but i finally have the sol holding an idle...

check the FAQ in a little bit
thanks I have the exact same problem on my 93 hatch. It goes from 1100-1300 after it is warmed up.
i actually just typed up an article on this... look for it to be posted under the articles tab very soon.
one thing that has been KNOWN to cause this beleive it or not is a faulty coolant temp sensor. its worth a shot. ive read alot of threads where that was the problem (was reasearching my own idling problem at the time, which turned out to be a bad vaccuum diaphragm, but i have a dx, DPFI manifold).
my friend had a similar problem...first could be your tps (throttle position sensor) most likely it's not tho...also there is a square piece that is on back of the manifold probably right behind or on the throttle body...change that out and you will be least that's what my friend did and that was his problem...obviously lol
My car did the same thing, idled up and down when it was warm. It turned out to be the part of the throttle body that makes the car idle up so it can warm up faster was jammed open. Do this to test it: pull off the intake tube and look at the throttle body. There should be two holes before the throttle plate, towards the firewall. Cover one hole up at a time until the idle stabilizes. If it does, you have found the culprit. If it idles when the top hole is covered, then it is the Idle Air Control (IAC). Bottom hole = Fast Idle Thermo Valve. If it doesn't do anything, then you're screwed. j/k. If it still doesn't idle, look at the throttle plate to see if it is stuck open a little bit. Or you can get some quick starting spray and spray it around the intake manifold while the car is running. If it idles up a little, then you know the general area of an air leak. Good luck, idles can be a bitch.

Oh yeah, if you have never removed your Throttle Position Sensor before, then I wouldn't worry about it, Honda sets those perfect at the factory.