Donate to Buy Brian a Skyline Fund Part 2

so uhh, since the last time we had a board that worked.... uhh... yeah, I want a skyline.

paypal account. Feel free to dontate what you want to me :)

come on y0 its so f'ing beautiful mang!


:worthy: :worthy:


It's for a good cause !!!
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damn its a sweet car! i saw one today! yea! it was blue and in a box with the name tamiya on it.

hey, theres a motorex ad in superstreet's skyline issue and it says you can buy a gt-s for 18g's and a gt-r for 28g's. 100% legal!

of course, insurance is another story.


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ive never seen a gtr for 28g's. IF they existed I would have one. Not to mention a whole bunch of ricers. lol.


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You are right, the GT-S is 28k, The cheapest GTR Vspec they have is $47k for a 92 R32.


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skylines are so expensive cause motorex basically has a monopoly over them in the US. they mark them up like 200% because they have to smog them and shit like that.
Motorex' U.S. pricing:
NOTE: the text about legalizing at the botom is a link for those wishing to legalize skylines that they bought elsewhere.


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Originally posted by 90 accord@Oct 8 2002, 05:37 PM
thanks calista... i still like the 34 more then the 32, but there both pimp

No no... Calesta, not Calista. Calista is that skinny skinny girl who likes to kiss Lucy Liu. Calesta is me.

I like the R34 better than the R32 too, although the R33 is still pretty sweet.

90 accord

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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 8 2002, 11:27 PM
lol isn't she Sabrina?? lol

Maxima- can i move wth you??

no B, Mellissa Joan Hart is sabrina, lol (don't ask why i know)

sorry cal, i woulda said your name, but i forgot it :D

isn;t calesta flockhart is that chick from ally mcveal isn't she?