Downgrading swap. Obd0 into 95 Del Sol ?

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New Member
I wasnt sure if this went here. One car fits anyway. 95 del sol si roller. Just missing engine, ecu and tranny. Considering putting in a d15 from a 91 LX sedan in it. Would the easiest way be to just swap wiring harness and all over ? Yea I know how ridiculous this sounds. Lol its for my sons first car. He doeant need the power…..yet. He will probably get my car when he is. Im poor at the moment. So the easy way (just buying a 1.6 etc) cant happen right now. Hes already been 16 a few months and is getting impatient. Lol
It will probably cost you more to do it than to just snag a d16z6 swap from the junk yard. Too many misc parts to convert will nickel and dime you well over the cost of a direct z6 replacement.