Drag Turbo Kit On The Way

Install right away or wait for internals?

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I just bought a Drag turbo kit for my H22 powered hatchback. I can't wait to get it. I just don't know whether to slap it on right away or just wait until I get my pistons, rods, sleeves and valvetrain. If I can run my car on stock boost for right now (which is about 7psi) then I think i'll slap the turbo kit on right away but if the risk of fu**ing up my engine is too high, well then I'll have to wait :angry:
What do you guys think
My whole fuel system is getting upgraded so I will have that. I'm also ordering the aem ems + a wide band O2 sensor. I'm not sure on what size injectors to go with. I'm thinking 66 pound injectors.
lbs are for domestics - go by CC's :)

550's should be good
i wouldn't run the turbo until you get the aem, but thats me.
and owning a wideband is kinda useless unless you own a dyno as well
dude- i wasn't cock blocking you. chill out. i gave my opinion. i wouldn't run 1 psi of boost on any of my motors with out proper fuel management.
i'd take a hondata over rods, pistons, OR injectors. have all is security, but IMO, fuel management is a necessity
Originally posted by 831civic@Jan 12 2003, 11:45 AM
First, you wouldn't run the turbo kit on without fuel management............ Now you wouldn't do it without a dyno??????

I think he meant the wideband o2 is useless without a dyno,not running a turbo or EMS.
The new AEM system has a capability to feed you specific A/F ratios and tune your fuel map for you by crossreferencing itself if you have a wideband O2 sensor. Since the Drag kit usually comes with an intercooler and injectors you should be fine to run that 7 psi. With the AEM you'll be good to go. Buyer beware, this thing is not as easy to tune as you may think--even with all of the claims. Also, it's an H22--it won't take much more than a bolt on kit will give it without needing internals. In order to fit all that under the hood (if you havent already) get a slim line fan and install it on the front of your radiator where your A/C condenser went so the turbo will clear the radiator and the new fan should move more air. You will need that dyno to tune the AEM outside of a raw fuel map.;)
Originally posted by 831civic@Jan 12 2003, 05:09 PM
Maybe I got a little too aggressive there, sorry about that pissedoffsol.

its cool- just know that we are all here to learn... not to criticize.
i don't know everything- nor would i claim to. im sure theres somethings you know that i don't and vice versa