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*pulls out the autotrader for a quick skim through*

95 nissan 240sx se, 5-speed.. loaded, white, 83k miles.. $7900

ah well..1 out of 5 that isn't auto.. there were more 5-speeds in the issue i got about 2 weeks ago..but i chunked it recently.
yeah but fucking 7900....

i want to spend 1500-ish.
If you find one, then your lucky as hell.. or the prices here are higher then other prices.. All i see for 1500-ish is a 76 AMC Pacer.. and that's even 1750.

7900-ish is what a ragged out del sol goes for here.. you would figure rednecks wouldn't want more then a couple hundred bucks for a honda.. but nope!
nice. i grew up in philly (and in jersey), and im pretty impressed with how clean that car is with all the rain and snow and muck they get there.
my freind bought a nissian 240sx for 2k-ish. She just liked the look of it and bought it, not knowing much about cars and not asking any one that did to test drive it. After about 3 weeks the trans blew on it. The first day she drove me in it (second day she had it) you could hear the tranny slipping and she said "oh thats just my baby puring) But it was a automatic