Ebay rice

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its really not that bad looking. i dont understand why all you kids have to complain about every single car.


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the car is ok as far as show cars go ... but damn why the hell do you need 4 big ass fog lights like that ... what is it a f00kin WRC rally car ???


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Originally posted by slohnda@Oct 13 2002, 03:02 PM
holy flaming homosexuals

exactly, everyone of these flamer's cars dont look half as good as that car.

so get rid of the fog lights and change the interior back to stock. the body kit doesnt look that ricey although it looks like he has altezzas. burn the altezzas and remove some other stuff, and that is a pretty tight car.

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Originally posted by TrailorParkPimp@Oct 15 2002, 12:17 AM
fuck thats not rice...thats beans.

lmao!! beat me to it!.. i need to take a pic of his grill werkers car, soo funny looking. it'a a dodge colt? mad oxidation on the hood and roof. has APC stickers all over it, a big yellow "R" on the hood,yellow windshield wipers*front and back* washer LED's, chrons hub caps, lmfao.. its too much


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its ugly, and so is my car but his is still uglier than mine