Eclipse Turbo On A Civic

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:huh: In a Performance magazine I saw that a person put a eclipse turbo on a crx and would probably work on a civic and I wanted to try that it might be fun.

Total money spent $500
Incresed horsepower from 110 to 173

Intresting??? :D


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Dude that would have to be a lot of work. They did all of the labor for free themselves unless you know a lot about doing that I would say that it isn't worth it.



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dude that sounds like a good idea i would go for it if i was you it couldnt be too hard well post pics of the progress thnx ..later B)


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Everyone uses eclipse turbos hahaha. Mitusbishi turbos = most popular


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Originally posted by heterosapian@Apr 1 2003, 08:44 PM dog, and no, its not alot of work.

I saw the same mag and am doing the t25 turbo instead of a swap its not that hard just get a extra oil pan a down pipe if things dont work you can go back to stock at least


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Dude, an eclipse turbo 1g or 2g (T25/14G) is probably the most popular turbo on honda applications. Do research. Definitely, if trying to go turbo on crx, go to Step-by-step instructions on turbo setups for hondas ranging from b16a-zc-z6-a6. :D