Civic 2000 With JDM Swap

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Hello everyone. I have been reading your forums for a while and finally decided to create an account.

So here we go.

I have a 2000 Civic EX. However I have a recently purchase a motor that has a B20 SiR bottom End and B16 SiR Head.

The motor has forged pistons/rods (however I do not know the compression ratios for the pistons) I believe its on a stock crank but I am not certain about that.

The head has been PnP with upgraded valves, springs, retainers don't know what brand though, it has upgraded cams don't know the brand I would possibly assume maybe skunk2 stage 2's maybe.

my friend originally bought it from the guy that had it before him and purchased the motor for $3000 plus a car worth $1500 which running motor ect

Well my friend ended up in a situation where he needed some money so I gave him $2000 and his helping me with the swap ( I originally had a D16Y8 junkyard motor with a junkyard greddy turbo kit running 8 psi).

We finally got the motor running in my car last night just for spark and fuel nothing else hooked up really except the axles.

But omg the motor is a beast. Before we put it in my car we rode in his delsol with it for a while and I'm telling you the motor is built no doubt about it. It feels and ofcourse this my opinion (hasn't been dyno tested yet will be soon though), it feels like its got somewhere around 220whp-250whp, I am guessing closer to 250whp.

But this thing is a monster. It revs hella high in the 9200 range with absolutely no problem. Very smooth revs and sounds great.

So heres my deal. I'm about to have around $9,000.00 besides the money I've already spent that I will be able to spend on getting my EX and my motor in top working order.

So I was planning on running hondata s300 and I really really want to boost it.

My goal is to get somewhere around 500whp

I plan on either driving it or trailering it down to CFT in orlando Florida, I live in Orange Park Florida so its only about 3 1/2 - 4 hours away from me.

I want them to install tuning software build a custom turbo kit tune it and dyno it and try to get as much power out the motor it can handle before blowing up lol.

So my question is this. Is there a way to find out what compression pistons I have without opening the motor (I am assuming theres not) I really don't want to open the motor because it doesn't leak anywhere. sealed up very nicely.

and what turbo would you recommend and how much boost you think I could run on it.

and keep in mind this is a project car. Its not a DD, my daily is a 2016 toyota camry se.

Any tips, questions, advice, and concerns are all welcome.

And by the way I searched all the topics to try to pic the right place to post this so I apologize if I posted in the wrong spot.


I also forgot to mention the the original owner that had it professionally built made the statement that he would not recommend to run more that 12psi of boost. And I would say that is probably my biggest question. Would you agree with that statement. And keep in mind that I may not know everything about tuning but I know enough to understand how important it is to have a very very good tuner.

I have read many times that people have made over 500whp on a b20 stock bottom end running for several years with no issue because the tuning and tuner was on point.

So don't misunderstand my questions.

Just looking to get some insight and things on my new project.
And for the record I am sure that my butt dyno is probably off. However I have driven, owned and rode in many hondas that were N/A and Boosted. I've been tinkering with them off and on for about 17 years.

So I don't want you to think that I am a complete novice because I'm not. I've rebuilt engines ect. I've driven 350whp cars before ect ect ect. So I kinda know in a way about where power might be at and how it feels. Its not like this is my first powerful car I guess is my point.

But obviously as I said I could be way off and the motor might be making closer to 200whp. But I can defiantly tell you that its make over 200whp for sure. Theres no doubt about that at all.
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I'd guestimate 200whp out of a fully built B20V maybe a little more. The reason he would say not to push a lot of boost is because the pistons in there must be very high compression so adding more "effective compression" could cause problems. sounds like a nasty motor for N/A and im sure it would like some boost but not a ton. post pics as well!
Ya I'm ganna post some pics. I have a video of it revving but its a very crappy video and does not give the motor justice at all. I be working on the swap a little bit today. I'll snap some pics today. I will try to see if I can take a new video with my phone. We'll see.

Ya I am sure there are high compression pistons in there, I would not doubt that at all.

I do have a question though. I'm heading to pick up some oil/filter from honda. Would you guys recommend using 5w 30 or 10w30? my friend says I should use 10w 30 but the videos I've watch regarding these swaps recommend using 5 w 30 for smooth vtec engagement.

What do you recommend?
Those are the pictures of my motor and my car.

It was kinda of dark.

One of the pictures you can see the LS Vtec Kit we have installed between the block and the oil filter in order to feed the head with oil so we can hook up the Vtec and engage it.

I replaced the clutch slave today because it was leaking really bad and it was leaking when I had my turbo d16y8 in my car. I just never got around to replacing before but its replaced now finally. That was really irritating me.

We have all the mounts bolted up now and I had bought a brand new Civic Si T bracket from honda for $65.00, we have that installed now and we have all the tranny mounts bolted up now too. The stupid battery died and I wasn't able to take a video of it running unfortunately . I got a crappy video I upload but it really doesn't do the motor justice at all.

As far as I know all we have left to do is bleed the clutch fluid until it runs clean and then fill it up, my friend has a bleeding tool he's going to borrow from work that were going to use. and then we need to hook up the radiator and hoses and at that point the car should be drivable. We already have all the suspension back in and the axles in.

I cannot wait to drive it. I should have it on the road by monday night.

Tell me what you guys think!!!
Oh I forgot to mention that I went ahead and got a brand new honda filter and crush washer and got Castrol GTX 10w30 Synthetic blend for the oil change. I will do the oil change before I drive it. And then that should be it.

Oh and I am running honda genuine anti-freeze in the coolant system too.
...... I thought you said this made 250ish whp... lol I dont doubt its fun though and dont doubt its a b20v , 180-190hp and 150ish tq is more realistic
Because thats just about what a healthy b20v should make, its still got stock intake, exhaust manifold, and cam gears not calling you a liar but doubtfulll its got aftermarket pistons and cams, just feels like a rocket compared to d16
Ok I can respect that and I see your point. And I have mentioned before that these were things said by way of word of mouth. However I have seen what the motor can do and I would be shocked if the motor dynoed less than 200whp.
If its a healthy motor I dont see why it couldnt make 200-215whp , id reccomend a nice intake manifold and throttle body and a real header and a tune and that thing would be fun for around 1k more investment
Dont get me wrong though man sweet project ! any questions feel free to ask and keep us posted and updated with pics etc , this page can always use more people bringing content to the table
Thanks guys appreciate the input a lot.

Oh yes! I am not through with it yet lol.

I plan on getting the pro series skunk2 intake manifold with a 70mm throttle body. I won't be buying headers because I'm going turbo.

I may have to drop the oil pan and open up the valve cover to see if its actually been built before I go throwing crazy boost at it. But I will probably stay somewhere around 8-12 lbs of boost anyways.

I found a guy selling a complete turbo kit with everything except the ecu and wastegates, and with the skunk2 pro series intake manifold and 70mm throttle body with full 3inch exhaust with skunk2 muffler
with a fully rebuilt turbo with stainless steel ram horn turbo header, I think its the 6266 precision turbo or whatever I believe iirc and he's selling it all for $2200

I'm ganna have CFT down in orlando tune everything for me on hondata s300, I already have a jumper harness from obd2-obd1 or whatever and I have a P28 5speed vtec ecu

I just need to go pick up the turbo kit and get some 1000cc injectors and some gauges ect... minor things like that.