Ecu Code 13 Fix?

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I have an 89 Civic LX 4DR with a 92 LS B18A1 with 92 GSR YS1. I am running a 90 PR4 ECU with a 90 Integra GS Underdash and engine harness. I am throwing a code 13 on the ECU which is the baro sensor. I have swapped out the ECU from a friends 91 and same code 13. The baro sensor is built into the ECU. the Helm says to troubleshoot the auto control box but the harness and ECU are 5-speed. Any help is appreciated as I am stuck driving my 95 Civic LX until I get this problem fixed and ref'd so I can drop in the B20 and VTEC it.


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i have the same ecu with my b18b in a crx and i get a code 13 too...just wanted to know if this could have anything to do with a overheating problem that i am having?? thanks


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help me i have obd2 put it in crx but it get no spark and the code 10 on my ecu i need help help help


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why don't you stop crapping on other ppl's thread's crx-1.8?

LXVTEC: open your PR4 ECU. Honda made two different revisions of PR4s - one has a PA sensor mounted internally, one does not. the PA sensor is a box about 1.5" x 1" x 0.25" that will be very clsoe to the mddle of the ECU if it is present at all.

There are ways to force a PR4 to run off an internal or external PA... after you figure out whether you have an internal or external one, we'll take it from there.


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Originally posted by crx-1.8@Jul 28 2003, 08:55 PM
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He's right. While he may have been a dick about it, don't threadjack other peoples' threads. Just start a new one. It isn't that tough.