Ef, b18a ls da swap,help!!!

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I've got a 1991 Civic DX and it was converted to MPFI, but the guy did a crappy job. I swapped in a B18A from a 90 Integra. It was hard to start and when I press on the gas it just dies, but it idles rough. The ECU is given me a Code 21, but isn't that VTEC Spool??? and a MAP Sensor code 3. I made sure all the vacuum lines were hooked up right and I'm going to check if the wiring for the map is all good. The ignition system seems good because the timing is okay and everything else checks out. It's running rich also, but that's probably from the Map. I've had Map Sensor Problems before on other cars, but they still run good enough even when removed. Any help???
Okay, the guy I bought it from did the worst DPFI-MPFI swap I've ever seen, I looked and 2 of the injector weren't even hooked up. It ran better, I checked and the MAP and TPS wiring was switched around, now it runs better. Now I'm fine tuning it. Also does anyone know what are the largest OEM brakes for the front?