EF Civic Hatch LS Swap, EGR Valve???

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I got a 91 civic hatch and got a 90 integra engine and full car. I'm doing the swap no problem, but the integra engine has a EGR Valve. Can I just block it off or can I just not hook the wires up and cap the lines off? Any help would be useful.
either leave it unplugged,take it off and block it,or use an obd1 manifold

OBD1 automatic manifolds still have an EGR valve location. You can block it off or leave it unplugged. If you are using an OBD1 manual ecu, you won't have any problems. If you are using an auto ecu (which i dont think will work bc the tegs use a TCU to control the tranny) you can still leave it unplugged, but you will get a CEL. Its not a CEL that affects performance in any way, though, just an annoying light on the dash.

If OP has a full 90 teg with EGR, im guessing its auto. OP - you know your tranny won't mate to a B series right? You can use the auto trans, but you will have to notch the passenger frame and crossmember, and make a set of custom mounts. You will also have to wire the TCU to the trans. Use the link in my sig if you go this route.

If you are going manual, I *think* you have to get a manual intermediate shaft, im pretty sure they are different than the autos.
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I'm using a manual transmission, got the intermediate shaft. The motor is an automatic. I'll just leave the EGR unplugged. Just about done, will be selling it soon. It's a 1991 Honda Civic Hatch, body kit, full Si interior and GSR Center Console, JDM Clock, Rear strut bar, Short Shifter, will come with integra brakes if you want, Brand new Head gasket, Resurfaced flywheel with Brand New OEM clutch, New Battery, New Fuel Filter, Weapon-R Coil-overs, Pioneer Head unit, MagnaFlow Catback Exhaust, and the B18A from 1990 Integra with LS manual transmission. If you are interested email me at elidschultz_bballer@yahoo.com.