Ef9 radious rods

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Good day to all
I just finished (matter of speaking ) a b16a swap to my 91 civic.The swap is complete aka inner crossmember, trailing arms , sway bars etc.The inner crossmember is from the ef9, the front one is the ed one (ef9 ones have straight bolt patern the dx one diagonial). The problem that im having is that the ef9 radious rods are to long and does not fit front ed crossmember.Anyone have any solution to this.
Tnks in advance
I'd have to guess the EF9 uses a different member and front lca. Why not just use the stock rods? The swap sits just fine on stock suspension parts.
My stock arms dont have sway bar incerts so i cant put a sway bar with the stock ones thank for yur answer.Also the ef9 rods have diferend bolt patern on the control arm.Ican machine the ef9 ones but i dont now how much.
ok sorry about my english a more straight aproach.Ihad a whole ef9 (engine,tranny axles,b16a1 motor).i transported the chassis motor mounts form the ef9 to the ed.My ed chassis didnt have any sway bars so i put the inner crossmember and the trailing arms from the ef9 and the sway bar is in place.The problem that i have is that the ef9 radious rods are too long for the ED front cross member.Icant place the ef9 front cross member to the ED because the bolt patern of the crossmember is different.Can i machine the ef9 radious so the fit the ED front cross member>Shall i drill holes to the chassis and put the ef9 front crossmember
pls help