Energy Suspension Mount Bushings

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I am currently in the process of my D16z6 Swap into my CRX. Before it goes back together, my buddy who is doing it with me talked me into buying the Energy Suspension motor mount polyurethane bushings for the mounts. they just came in today, and i bought them from for $22. I'm just curious if these are a good idea, if they will be too stiff and the car will shake a lot at idle, or if they will be really good and make up for lost horsepower and the shaking won't be that bad. Please give me a little idea of what to expect, or whether or not it was a good idea buying from them. -thanks in advance for any interesting replys.
they shoulnd't feel bad... i never had them, i had place racing mounts in my 2nd rex and that didn't shake at all. either way it has to be better than 12+ year old mounts
good idea, the car will shake a little more...but its well worth it. throttle response is faster, and less energy is lost with the motor twisting, translating into more power being put to the wheels and less wheel hop.
I have'nt seen any in a 4 cylinder application yet but I can tell you for a V8 they are really good. They don't transmit any more vibration than stock, they hold several times better, and they don't deteriorate over time like rubber.