Energy Suspention Hyperflex Bushing Kit

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What do you guys think. Today i called up a few places and they told me that the instal on this kit would be between 7-800. (adam that was pyne technoligies) (the parts them selves cost 140) What do you think, I was going to go with tein ss coilovers (with pillow ball mounts) and the progressive anti sway bar and an front and rear strut tower bars. The coilovers sway bar and tower bars i was going to instal my self but the bushing kit seems a little extreme for me.

What do you guys think about the bushing? I have heard handling greatly impoves as well as minor improvements in braking and acceleration (less body sway). Should i invest and anyone know what other kinds of shops would instal these? For autoX i think that handeling will help almost more than an engine swap (that is why i am doing handling first, then JDM ITR later this summer)
bushings are definitely nice, although it shouldn't cost you that much.

200-300 is all you should pay for installation, at MOST.

and just a sway bar by itself makes a difference, and as any people will tell you who have seen my hatch, it handles very well despite having original bushings at 160k miles.

its not the most important modification you can do, but as you finish building your car its just another piece of the project.
If i can find a place that will do it for 200-300 i will do it for sure. Wouldn't it kinda be a good time to do it when i have my suspention apart for the teins?
i'll bet you can find a garage that will put your car on a lift, use air tools and have your suspension apart in a matter of minutes.

then, using their press they could install the new bushings and have your car finished in a few hours.
i am about to buy a set. I know a shop in houston that does it for 400, but i figure i can do most of it myself. there is a parts store down the road that presses for cheap, so i can take what i need to press in there. if you decide to do it yourself, let me know how much of a pain in the ass it was.