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I am building a b18a1 all motor in a 1990 Integra. I also have a question regarding rods/pistons. I am running 11.5:1 pistons from Arias. I need a suitable rod to run with this. Also I am running a complete Skunk2 Stage 2 Vavle Train, (cams, springs, retainers). I also need input on a throttle body, which brand should i buy? I am thinking about Holley but what other brands are there? I am also considering buying a Venom M10-325 Intake Manifold along with the F10-124 Fuel Rail from Venom and Ingen Cold air intake. Along with a Fuildyne or Spearco Radiator and DC Sports or a Greddy Header (which do you think I should get?), along with Greddy Evo Exhaust. The tranny is a GS-R unit out of a 1997 Teg. I just haven't put it in yet. Any help would be appreciated.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Jan 17 2003, 12:15 PM
Are you running a VTEC head?

i would hope so if he was able to fit skunk2 stage 2's in there :p i would like to comment on the throttle body question though. i would highly reccommend getting a bored out throttle body instead of buying a name brand one for twice the cost. i just got my throttle body from proflow http://www.proflowdesign.com/. i got a 64mm throttle body from them, which should be sufficient for you. it has 64mm bore at the plate and tapers out to a 68mm bore, they did a great job on the throttle body i got and for $175 2nd day shipped to my door, i thought it was a pretty damn good deal. also, they put in a new TPS which is re-calibrated for the bored TB.
Originally posted by B16@Jan 17 2003, 04:53 PM
i would hope so if he was able to fit skunk2 stage 2's in there

That is exactly why I asked. If he is running an LS head then he is feeding us :bs:. I am leaning towards :bs:.
The tranny is a GS-R unit out of a 1997 Teg.

Either he spent way too much money converting that car to a hydro clutch system, or...
About the 64-68 mM Bore Throttle, did yous end your old one in to them or did you just buy one form them? And Yes I converted it to a Vtec motor, and I also plan on converting it to a GS-R teg Tranny havent done it yet. But my guestions concerning the radiator, adn header weren't answered. However, everyone seems to think I am ":bs:." so I guess I turn to professional help, or just go out and play trial and error with my pride and joy 90' Teg. I just need answers about rods, radiator, adn header brand preferrences. So please help. Thank you B16 for your input on trottle body, I will definetly look into that. Thanks again.
what happens is you give them $150 + shipping and they take a $400 approval from your credit card for a core depsit. they send you the new TB, you have to swap your map sensor to the new one, then you send them your old one so they dont take your $400. they give you something like 2 weeks to send it back.
i would recomend building an obd1 engine so it can properly be tuned and run better then obd0 which cannot be tuned