Engine Problems

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wassup i need help...im runnin a b18c1 in a eg coupe civic.....and im just having lil problems here and there....

my engine idle jumps from 1000- 2000 rpms....

can anyone let me kno if they have had any problems relating to this and how they fixed it....any suggestions wil be helpful....thanks....
idle air control valve, monted on the firewall side of the intake manifold. it comes apart, and there is a little screen inside that gets REALLY dirty, take a stiff small brush and clean the screen out, and put it back together
re-adjust your throttle cable, making sure the butterfly valve is shutting securely, and then slowly adjust it up and down until it doesn't affect your idle. check your whole air intake system.... cos you never know.... check your air filter, and your butterfly valve. maybe go to the auto parts store and get some air intake cleaner if your finger comes out of the throttle body dirty. clean the throttle body, and the rest of the airbox (careful not to soak the clean air filter with nasty sludge). make sure you can see the openings in the air box... no obstructions. hmm.... :blink:
sounds like ur engine is idleing up and down.
theres alot of problem associated with this..
I've seen some that returns to normal when it warms up
(found it had sticking valve) the owner was shoting for a while(nitrous)
found some that had a leaking injector (only at Ildle the engine went up and down)
most of them had a bad iac valve
Just unplug it if it doesnt go up and down change it
got one for $30