Engine Rebuilding Plans

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Looking at rebuilding my b18c1. Does anyone know of any companies that offer engine rebuild plans for what customer wants engine for, ex. autocross. Or if anyone has done this motor for autocross or road course, what have you done?
i have a friend with a 99 hatch with a b18c5 that he races road courses on, here are the two setups he has run for road racing. 1st, he had the type r motor stock, with the exception of a jrsc on it, running at 4lbs. he put down 220hp to the wheels with that setup, and said he enjoyed it very much for the road courses. he has since turned back to na, wth leaving the bottom end with the stock type r components. as for the head, he did a full p&p with toda spec b cams, and the appropriate valvetrain. he has also put a set of twm itb's on there. he has not raced with this new setup, but those spec b's are supposed to be great for road courses.
Thanks for reply.
I would like to spend the money and get my c1 to perform like the c5 or better starting with rods, pistons, headwork, valvetrain, cams, intake man. and getting some work done on the crank. Before I go and spend alot in parts and machine work, I want some type of plan to go by to get the most for money. I do think it will be hard do find a place that will sell me something like that.