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I installed a vx motor into my civic to get me by, not my choice of motors but i needed transportation anyways i installed this motor and its running real rough and im not sure what it might be. the motor is shaking a decent amount and sputtering, i checked the sensors and they are plugged in correctly. i was thinking maybe timing. anyone have the same problems? any info. thank you.
didnt check, forgot about that. thanks under the carpet there is a light right that flashes?
Make sure you hooked up your spark plug wires in the right firing order. Make sure the plugs are good and the wires are connected properly.
was that the motor that came with the car? You may be running the wrong ECU. THe VX has unique parameters to the other civic models.
my car is a cx, still running the stock cx ecu i was hoping i would get lucky and it would work, guess not. going to pick up the ecu this weekend.