Need help making list for engine swap on my civic

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Hello, my names Josh I got a 2002 civic w a blown head gasket I'm going to put a new motor in it but the same type of motor it has a d17a1 what would I need for the swap?? Coolant, oil, buying a complete engine w alternater and waterpump n everything with 45k miles what else would I have to do or get to do a successful swap?
If you are simply replacing the engine with the same thing, just get all of your maintenance items out of the way while it's out.

Stuff like:
Timing belt
Water pump
Other belts

That way you know exactly what is in there and what kind of mileage is on everything.
Would suck to have everything out of the car and easily accessible, only to have to pull it back apart in a few thousand miles to do some maintenance you could have done now.

Maybe give the engine bay a good cleaning while it's empty.
Really not much to it overall.
stay d17 , those chassis are cheap as hell and if you want something faster buy another car there is 0 point or ROI in K-Swapping a that chassis