Error Code 5/ smog check coming up

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New Member
Hey hondaswap... ,

So I got my engine light and checked the code out. It looks to be

5- Accord Civic CRV CRX Del Sol Odyssey Prelude
85-98 * 86-98 97-98 85-91 93-97 96-98 85-98
MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
mechanical problem / disconnected piping
My question is, where is that and is it an easy fix. I'm trying to do this myself. I have a smog check coming up. I used to just plug in the OBD computer and reset the codes on my Pontiac, but this '91 doesn't have that.

I've googled the error and can't find anything on it???

should be on the firewall behind the throttle body

looks like this
Thanks so much! No one could ever answer that . I'm gonna look and I hope that clears my engine light.