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I own a European Spec Honda Integra Type R (1998) with the B18C6 engine.

I use my Integra for drag racing. I've got the stock ECU and on the dyno I get 250 bhp in 3rd gear. When I try it on the road i get some wheelspin in 3rd gear with semi slicks. I have a very low gearbox because I've changed the gear ratios.

When I finish the quarter mile I'm at 8700 rpm in 4th gear and i've still got plenty of power there according to the dyno.

My problem is that whatever I do and whichever gear ratios I use the JDM Integra Type R's still get 2mph more than me with the same Elapsed Time! I worked hard to do 13.7 sec at 101mph with consistent 2.0 sec 60 foot times and an occasional 1.9 sec 60'!! The JDM ITR's seem to do 13.5 sec without effort with 2.2 and 2.1 sec 60 foot times. They even have less power on the dyno than me and the're using the same dyno as me to test their cars!

I was thinking that JDM spec ECU's have a speed limiter at 180 kph. Could the Euro Spec ECU's have some sort of power limiter when I go above a certain speed???

Thanks for your help! B)
Well,I live in Europe,and I have taken all my cars to redline in 5th,so if they do,it is higher than the capabilities of the engine.
Originally posted by integraR@Mar 2 2003, 12:00 PM
My problem is that whatever I do and whichever gear ratios I use the JDM Integra Type R's still get 2mph more than me with the same Elapsed Time!

the reason you are getting different trap's is because the gear box is different.
scroll to the last 2 items on this article-

gear box has a lot to do with trap speed.

you're 4th gear is slightly longer.
I got the same idea as you that as my gearbox has a slightly higher 4th gear. Also as my 1st 2nd and 3rd gears are lowwer than the JDM 96 spec and I have a slightly higher 4th gear, I thought I must be getting on low revs when i change from 3rd to 4th. In fact I changed my 4th gear to the 1.107 gear ratio same as the JDM 96 Spec gearboxes and retained my 4.785 final drive. I still got 2 mph less than the others! Next I'll try the quarter mile using a JDM ECU instead of my euro spec ecu.

What I really want to know is if there are any Hondas or Acuras equiped with a power limiter or ignition retarder which limits power over a certain mph.

I already discovered my cylinder head has different ports from the JDM spec head. My catalytic convertor is more restrictive too! I also found a restrictor in the part of the exhaust manifold where there is the lambda sensor. Removing this restrictor and cleaning up the insides of the tubing of the exhaust manifold got me 8.7 bhp on the dyno!

Thanks for your help mate! :D :worthy: :D
By the way I would like to add that I used to own a modified (normally aspirated) JDM Spec Honda Civic 1.5 sohc Vtec with the stock ecu and speed limiter. When I used to drive it into the speed limiter I really smashed into it in the sense it stopped accelerating abruptly and it pushed me forward as if i had just pressed the brakes harshly.

When I tried driving the integra in 4th gear into the rev limiter it stopped accelerating quite gently compared the the civic's speed limiter.

This shows that acceleration in 4th gear in my integra is not too good compared even to my old civic! :(