F22B Dohc Head Swap On F22A Block

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Well hello guys. I am new so I should introduce myself. I am Misha, and am a grateful owner of a 91' Accord wagon. Having had my head gasket go out on me, I decided to also swap the head at the same time as the HG. I got almost everything ready but it may take a month till I actually do the swap due to transportation issues (we only have one car, the accord wagon).

Here is pretty much everything I need for the swap in one pic minus the head gasket.

List of parts and prices I payed:

- P39 ECU ~ $49.00
- F22B Dohc Cylinder head Obd II ~ $150 (came with idle air, injectors, and intake manifold which I am selling on eBay.)
- Goodyear Timing belt for 1988 Dodge Caravan ~ $6.95
- H23 timing gear ~ $20.00
- Head Gasket Kit for F22A ~ $40.00

Here's pretty much everything:


The cam caps and rocker arms I got from an H23 head with low miles. The F series head didn't come with them, the mechanic at the JDM place used them on another head. Regardless, the caps seem to work perfectly with the H23 cams, smooth as oil.


Removed valves and springs. I wonder if the springs are any stiffer on the H23 head cause someone said that the H23 cams are bigger than the F series dohc. I don't know maybe someone can verify/debunk that one for me.


F22A head gasket from kit I got online:


All I got to do for this swap is change the timing gear, timing belt, ECU, and the cylinder head, and adjust the valve clearance. But before then I must put the valves and springs back in and have the head taken to a machine shop to get resurfaced.

I don't even need to replace the dizzy since I have in internal coil. Such an easy sway its not even funny.

I will keep you updated on this.