F22b Prelude Si Engine Into A 90 Accord

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Okay I have a complicated situation with my car. I drive a 1990 Honda Accord LX with about 117,000 miles on it. The car is an automatic and automatics don't do VTEC any justice, hence I want to swap in a non-Vtec motor. I am looking at the F22B 92-96 Prelude SI engine. This will be DOHC, non-Vtec, and OBD1. My tranny went out about a year ago so I now have a F22B1 tranny in the car from a SOHC Accord Vtec. I was wondering would this swap still work with out changing the tranny again and do you think this would be a good swap to do? Thanks in advance.

Don't know much about the OBD conversion. The Accord tranny will work with the H23 engine. It's just not quite as strong as the H23 is. It's geared just about the same.
What kind of engine do you have in your accord? What year is your accord?
Yep. I KNOW the 92-96 Prelude trannies are interchangeable with the 90-97 Accords, and the 97+ Prelude trannies are interchangeable with the 98-02 Accords, but I'm not sure if the 92-96 Prelude trannies fit the newer Accords and vice versa.

I'm running a 92-95 H22 in my 95 Accord.

Oh yeah, your second question...the Accord tranny is weaker, so I wouldn't trust it on an engine with any kind of high hp/torque numbers. It'll work as a start, but if you plan on boosting or a built n/a, I'd get an h-series tranny.
Do you think I should get the 160hp non-vtec or the 190hp vtec considering that my car is an automatic and all. Do you think either one of these will get me into the 15's? How difficult is it to find parts for you car with that particular swap?
It really depends on what you want. If you want to stay n/a, I'd get the H22 with matching tranny and ECU. If you want to boost it, get the H23 with matching tranny and ECU.

You won't see those hp numbers, since Honda like to put less aggressive cams in its automatics. That combined with the auto tranny will make it more difficult to get into the 15's, but you should easily be there with I/H/E on an H-series swap (either H22 or H23).

It's not hard at all to find parts for an H-series engine. You won't have as many choices as the B-series boys have, but all the parts are out there.
I've got the JDM H22A (161 ft-lbs, 200hp) in my Accord. I'm just running an intake, exhaust, no p/s, and adjustable cam gears right now. Once the tax return gets here, I'm planning on a Greddy SS header and an S200 Hondata (yum!).

I've also got Tokico Blue shocks, H&R springs, Brembo slotted and cross-drilled rotors, and some Birdgestone RE950 tires on my stock alloy wheels, along with a few cosmetic upgrades. My Type R aluminum oil cap puts me well into the 250 whp range. :D
How much did you pay for the swap? Where did you get your engine from?
That sounds like a phat ride and I like your pic too.

Thanks for the compliments.

I paid $2750 shipped for the engine, from a company I'd rather not name since they kinda screwed me over with shipping time, plus they wouldn't honor their startup guarantee (I had some broken parts with the engine).

By the way, I just re-read your original post....our reference section is wrong. The F22 is a SOHC non-VTEC that came in the Prelude S. The H23 is the DOHC non-VTEC that came in the Prelude Si. You don't want the F22, stick with the H23.
Thanks a lot for all the help. How much did you have to pay to repair the broken parts or was that included in the 2750. I had a bad experience with a company before so I was just wondering was it Go Motors?

Nope, wasn't them.

The $2750 was engine and shipping only. I paid about $150 for broken parts, in addition to other parts I needed to make the engine run (timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, oil change stuff, etc). All totalled I was a little over $3000.