Fast Blinking Turn Signals

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I was wondering how to make your blinkers blink fast. My friend said buy smaller bulbs, a shop guy said change the blinker fuse thing. do any of you have other ideas?
umm if you want to actually do it for free, rip out one of the lights on a side like one of the front or back blinkers and the other one-corresponding on same side will blink 2 times as fast meaning 2 times as much power to the one still on that side, its what "cool" cars do
this is what you do....whatever blinker u want to blick fast ( i.e. left front blinker to go fast) smash your left taillight in...Because it isnt making two lights blink, just will blink for the other one, making it blick a lot faster!
Get "Fast blink blinker fluid" from your local Autozone, get the color you want and when you pour it in the lense, it will keep the bulbs cooler, making it use less current, which is less strain on battery, making about 3-4hp to the wheels more.
Damn, I forgot about that...good thing you reminded us. I think it costs like 2.79 for a gallon
not even more like .99 for the high quality andonized colored stuff at your local shmucks.
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