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Can someone please help me out
i had my 90 Honda Civic Si with ZC taking into a shop
and they said The FAST IDLE VALVE is not hooked up to the cooling system...
what should i do where is it located and how can i fix this (my Si has a SI harness and a ZC motor???) anyone know what i can do?? :worthy:
On the throttle body, there should be a port on the bottom of it that uses coolant flowing htrough it to regulate where the idle should be. Does your ZC have this on the throttle body?

I don't know ZC's.
anyone with info on this valve and the coolant lines that corespond with it...because i have a itr intake manifold and the manifold doesnt have the coolant spigot that goes to the fast idle valve so i had to loop it in using a 3 way T, the other 2 openings on the T are coolant lines from the IAC valve and the other one i forget but thats not the point, the point is my car surges at idle...what can I do with the hose from the fast idle that is suposed to go to the intake manifold??

search for "ITR INTAKE MANIFOLD ON 2ND GEN B16" and you will see my post there about this...maybe someone can help...