Favorite Games For Ps2

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sorry dude- i was throwing up all day

but- it looks like i still have a job- at least temp


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I have a few games, GT3 GTA3 and GTA4, Tony Hawk 3 is fun for like two minutes then it just gets boring when you can beat it the next day. I heard that they might be coming out with a new Grand trismo


i dont have a PS2...im too fookin broke to buy one :( although a friend of mine rented some kinda bike game had XXX in the title and it cussed and had strip club scenes in it. i found that to be a cool game...hehe.


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BMX XXX kinds SUXXX, it's fun until u get past the titties, then u realize it has no plot, if u want a good BMX, get Dave Mirra 2, I had that game for like 2 years and still didnt beat it. Never got into Tokyo extreme racer...Dead to rights is fun as shit.


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Originally posted by CRX-YEM@Jan 16 2003, 12:55 PM
I hear hitman 2 is cool

it is great game i have it for xbox just beat it and i have only had it for the weekend, now wish i could have rented it so i can try another game, but it is a good game, ghost recon is good