Final decision on swap D16 vs. B18

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Been plotting whether to get B18b or D16z6, D16y8 for my 93 cx
hatch just made a post about d16 swap was told it runs low 15s w/
minor mods. I have about a grand for the swap and can get either motor for around the same price from my local shop. Also is it worth getting the d16y8 and going OBD 2-->1 or just getting the z6. I can get the y8 for 7 hundred with tranny off some guy in my area with 44xxx miles on it. I will be building either motor i get NA because of reliability and i wont have enough for turbo for a while.

DOHC non-vtec or SOHC Vtec???
What are your opinions on the choice.

Plan on buying motor this weekend.
I'm doing a mini-me (Z6 head on B7 block), I should run high 14's, low 15's spending about a g.
Save up more for the b series, Jeff who is unhappy with his z6 swap.
hey....the D16 might have VTEC, but the B18 is a better engine in stock form, and has alot more potential than the D motor.
the DOHC feature, plus it has more torque, and you can do a LS/VTEC later down the road,
and if you decide to boost the engine, you will still be happier with the B18 engine.

to me there isn't even a chance the D16 can be compared to the B18A/B engine.

but then again, this is just me opinion..... <_<
shit can that idea of the D16. D16 =hamster...B18a= crack addicted hamster on steroids with with a 20 dolla rock hanging on the radiator. Chingro is right save for the B18, it will work out better in the end.