Fmu Vs Hondata

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Im trying to get parts ready to build my B16 turbo.

Just wondering I only want to hit 6-8 lbs now and evebtually 12-15 at the end of the summeror next year.

Can I do it with an FMU or i was thinking of buying Hondata 2b.

Any info would be great thanks
by FMU what do you mean? are you talking about a vafc? or Fields??

hondata would be ideal

but you want the s200 with boost option
I'm assuming that by FMU you mean one of the Apex'i units or something like that

6-8 psi, you should be more than fine

12-15, that's a little more towards the limit, but with appropriately sized injectors and a good fuel pump and regulator, an AFC would be adequate

The AFCs can do a great job in tuning a car, but of course they lack the precise control of a Hondata.

Of course, if you go with Hondata and some good tuning, you'll be running as smooth as stock.

IMO, go with the AFC and some injectors. You'll save money and you probably won't be able to tell the difference.