For Sale: Aem Brake Pads, Eg Gauge Cluster

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EG Auto Civic LX Gauge Cluster: good shape, like 160k miles, tach goes to 9k, not 8k like VX cluster, redline at 6500


Driver Side EG Headlight:


AEM Rear Brake Pads: Brand New, will fit 89 accord, 93-97 del sol, 90-91 crx, 88-89 prelude, civics, integra's.


contact me by phone: 1-727-864-8652
aim: chethewitt
no, no.

the pads you gave me are on my car. these are for the rear's, and i have brand new OEM honda pads on there now which i'm going to keep for now.

AEM pads are badass, and i definitely have them on the front...makes a big difference.

ttt, and buy some AEM pads from jason, they're very nice...i just need some money right now.