Forced Induction

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I am in the process of maybe adding a t25 turbo to my non-turbo civic. I am using the t25 turbo because I can get it cheap but it has 100k miles on it. I am wondering if I should buy the turbo and rebuild it or should I buy a new Turbo? Also what would be a good price for the used t25 turbo? Any advice will help.
dont pay more than $100 for a t25 with 100k on it! jesus. definitly get that thing rebuilt if you do. it will cost a couple hundred to do so dpending on where you go to get the work done.
How much boost could you get out of a T25 turbo? Im looking into gathering up parts to boost my shitty D17 motor cause its slow....And ive found some T25's in great shape....Im only looking to get around 10psi at most....And yes i know about the returnless fuel system...
a t25 is very small and great for next to 0 lag time, but its top end is limited. 10 psi is pretty close to the point of where its going to be throwing in more heat than compressed air. 8-9 would probably be safer, esp on an older (used) turbo