From CRV onto Rav4

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Currently at about 31k miles. Have been getting as high as 34+ mpg per tankful in the summer when tracked the old fashioned way.
Had the 30k mile service done first or second week of October.
The above issue is still my biggest complaint about the car.
Everything else seems to work as expected. Not thrilling or exciting, but gets me safely and reliably from point A to point B with enough room to haul all of my golf stuff.

Revisited the dealer today for TSB 0107-19, which I found via random internet searching.
Hesitation On Acceleration From a Slow Roll or Rolling Stop
Was there for about 1.5 hours, and odo went from 31071 to 31074.
I am not sure they completed all of the (speed from 18-22mph to 0mph in 3 seconds, 15 times, then 18-22mph to 0 in 15 seconds, again 15 times.
The 3 second stop should drop the trans from 3rd to 1st gear, while the 15 second stop should drop the trans from 3rd to 2nd to 1st.
(Nothing but the absolute worst to say about this dealership, regardless of whether the managing partner is a client, they just blow. From stuff missing from the car when you get a service done to them not honoring the dealer covered 5k and 15k oil changes because you bought the car here, even though you just sat there for nearly 2 hours with an appointment to leave with just a tire rotation and no oil change. F*ck them from the bottom of my heart.)

I am not sure I noticed a difference on the way from the stealership to work, but I'd like to think it was successful.
Downloadable .pdf of TSB if anyone needs it.

Hoping to drive this thing another 5-6 years or until 150k and then switching to something else which is not very expensive as it turns out :)
Thanks a lot for your detailed feedbacks on Toyota! 🙏 I am considering buying Rav4 at the moment and your posts are of paramount usefulness!
I am up to 77k on the car.
No new updates, still just oil changes and air filters, and F&R brakes, and a set of tires at 50k.

Picked up a set of the 19" XLE Premium wheels, with tires for $1250 today.
The tires are almost brand new, but some off brand shit name.
Wheels all have stick on weights, nothing beat on the outer lip (crazy when you see that shit)
They could use a cleaning/scrubbing but overall they are in great condition with no curb rash etc.
I've wanted these wheels since I bought the car, but it wasn't worth the "premium" price tag for the higher end model.

So now we have summer rims and winter rims.

(Remote start still works great, and I love it. Press lock 3 times, runs 15 minutes. Have those heated seats and heated steering wheel on when you turn the car off and you are good to go in the morning.)
its crazy how expensive oem toyota wheels are... considering folks are selling the VW 18/19s with tires for like 500.