Fs: 17" White Rims

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hey guys i have a set of Dpower TS-06, with z rated tires. they are 17", white, and are in almost perfect condition, except for one rim which has a couple scratches from an accident i was in, not noticeable though. now i know you guys arent really into heavy ass rims, like these, but they really look nice if you jus want nice looking rims. i would prefer that the buyer be in baltimore or close to in maryland so they can be picked up, jus because i dont want to deal with shipping (nothing to ship them in). but if anyone is interested, hit me up on email or PM. thanks. ill try to get pics soon.
im gettin tire of peoples saying that, "thats riced out", "stfu you ricer" and all that. just sounds stupid to me.
it was worth a try man, thought there may be some ricers lurking in the midst, lol. if anyones still interested, ive still got them.

and saturn boy, i know they are riced out thats why i put them on superhonda too, :lol: