FS: 1993 Acura Integra...LOOK INSIDE!

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Located in Connecticut

1993 Acura Integra LS
145K miles
2 Door

Horizon Gray Metallic (by far my fav. color for G2's)

- Red 2-piece AEM CAI (Also have stock intake w/ drop-in K&N Filter)
- K&N Valve Cover Breather
- Dynomax UltraFlo 2.25” Custom Exhaust System w/ Monza Resonated Twin Tips
- DC Sports Ceramic Coated Headers
- JG Big-Bore Throttle Body
- 93 GS-R Transmission w/ 95 GS-R 5th Gear
- Bosch Standard Plug Wires
- Bosch +4 Platinum Plugs
- Short-Shifter

- 95 GS-R Rims (good condition, one has curb rash from previous owner)
- Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's 205/50/15 in front (just purchased about a month ago)
Toyo Proxes FZ4 205/50/15 in rear(have about 50-60%)
- Tockico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Struts
- Neuspeed 2.25-Drop Race Springs

- PIAA 1000 55W Foglights
- Body Colored Molding & Front Spoiler
- Infinity Mark II Speakers
- Stock AM/FM/Cass (I have a CD in the car now, but that I will be keeping)
- Polished Aluminum Valve Cover
- Razo Carbon Fiber Pedals
- Clear Corner Lamps

- All 4 motor mounts replaced a little over a year ago
- Clutch cable replaced 4 months ago
- Passenger side axle and Driver side Inner CV Boot replaced 1 month ago
- Brakes and rotors 3 months ago
- Cap, Rotor, Plugs, Wires replaced about 4 months ago
- Brand new Radiator 3 months ago
- Replaced thermostat 3 months ago
- Oil changed every 3-4500k miles

Interior is in MINT shape as I'm pretty anal when it comes to it. NEVER been smoked in. The exterior has a few scratches w/ no large dents at all. Passenger taillight has a hairline crack in it along w/ the PIAA fog light in the front. Antenna also needs to be replaced b/c someone broke it on me. I believe something is internally wrong w/ the clutch and should be replaced. Clutchcityonline.com has the best deals for clutches that I've seen. For a brand new Exedy Organic Clutch, last I checked, it's around $270 shipped for everything. These things aren't really a big deal, obviously the clutch is the most important. The tailight crack is really non noticeable unless you walk up to it, and the antenna obviously is. I just haven't had the time to get a new antenna, and a I listen to CD's so it really doesn't bother me.

Exterior is also in very good shape. Obviously there are the scratches and very small dents associated w/ owning a 10 year old car.

I'm looking to get about $5200 but I'm flexible w/ the price. If you are located outside of CT, I'm sure we can work something out as far as shipping the car goes. I'm surely going to be sad to see it go. It handles like a dream and I get many compliments on how it has stayed clean and not 'ricey'.

Here are links to pics...








I have a digital camera and am willing to take pics of anything else you'd like to see...

Either respond here or e-mail me at Wolfpac268@aol.com. I would much rather recieve an e-mail, as I've began to post this on several boards.

Thanks alot!

I edited the original post cause the links were not working...Hopefully they do now...but if they don't, I'll just link them directly to show them in the thread
if anyone is interested, im in ct-- i could take a drive and check it out for anyone if interested....
I am trying to talk my girl into it, but she isn't listening. For some weird reason she is set on a Prelude.
ah I see....good luck talking her into it...and Brian, I believe I met you about a year ago at Media Play one night on the turnpike...I came up and met Brian Vasques up there and you were in the lot.

btw...nice volks!
Oh yeah?? sounds familiar- and I haven't seen B VasQ dawg in a long time!! haha

"Nice Volks" -- thanks want to buy them? :P