NJ FS: 2007 STI extremely CLEAN

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2007 STI
$24,000 OBO
VIN: JF1GD76647L526184
Located in Central NJ - 07724, right off exit 105 on parkway.
Contact info: Prefer to contact me at edtkwiatkowski@gmail.com ; but PM here as a secondary, i'll try to check here often.

Hi Everyone,

I am asking $24,000. Thats less than KBB "Good" Condition value. May consider trades for certain amount of cash + Honda del sol, honda civic bubble, honda prelude(92-97 models..), mini van or small pick up truck. Not looking for a trade of car for equal value. I need to pay off my auto loan and get a beater.

Currently has 40,XXX miles on it. I bought the car at 18,000 miles. Undercoated, very clean car, no rust, no issues. Oil change every 3k.

I drive this car LESS THAN 50 miles per week.

Things I've done to the car:
RCE Yellows
Tinted Rear windows
Blacked out housings
Tinted Taillights
Wheels were sanded, painted, clear coated and baked.
Blue lug nuts w/ wheelocks.
HPS Pads on all 4 (less than 4,000 miles on them.)
Slotted in the rear, but regular rotors in the front.(less than 4k miles on all.)
Kenwood aftermarket HU.
4 guage power wire ran to an amp to 2x10" Memphis Audit subs, custom box. Bass is NICE.

Pics: (Additional pics can be found on my photobucket album: ( STI pictures by Faramire - Photobucket )






Like I said, more pics on the photobucket album. If you want a pic of something else, let me know.

Please only inquire if you are a SERIOUS BUYER. I am still making payments on this car, so we would have to deal w/ my bank etc to get title.

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Your price point is going to hinder the sale of this if you'r elooking to move it quickly... you're above KBB excelent by several thousand.
Dealer trade in is almost 27k... and they normally undercut the s*** outta prices. My issue is I just want a del sol. Dealer isn't going to do a trade in where they pay out. :D
I'd make this look as close to stock as possible. Take off the tail light tint, and put stock painted wheels back on or refinish your wheels to look stock. You will get more money.

30k is ambitious, even with the clean condition and low miles. Look through NASIOC and post this there. You'll def get more interest on a Subaru board.
Still up for sale... few tentative appointments to check out the car later this month, but no solid offers yet. Hit me up
Still trying to sell. Not going lower on price.

Few lowball offers, and lowball after test driving... not acceptable!! Great car, great condition, looking for a great new owner!
im telling you.

remove the stereo
refinish the wheels to a not stupid color (IE stock silver or gold)
remove the tail light tint

and this will sell.

also post the VIN and any (if applicable) repair history.
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