NJ FS: 2007 STI extremely CLEAN

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Bunch of calls/texts/emails, but no one has came to see!

Make some offers!
im telling you.

remove the stereo
refinish the wheels to a not stupid color (IE stock silver or gold)
remove the tail light tint

and this will sell.

also post the VIN and any (if applicable) repair history.

^^^^ This
Was this thing crashed, or is there something obviously wrong with it? Something is making people nervous. Have you tried having someone else sell it for you incase your sales skills are pushing people away.
Need to sell this ... hit me up w/ offers.

Open for some trades now... But needs to be a minimum amount of $$ to pay off current loan + car/truck/minivan
once again

paint the rims back to a stock color. either silver or bronze
remove the tint from the taillights
take the system out

if the car doesnt look like its owned and flogged by a 17 year old flat brimmer it will be far more likely to actually sell
Post it up on nasioc for $18k and it will get some offers...

Problem is, other STis with light mods are in the 16-19k range, you have low miles going for you but that's it.

Heavy modded cars with built motors go in the 20-24k range. Those are cars with $20k in mods.