Fs:89 Crx Dx Sohc Vtec

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well.. i am gonna try again since the last one got closed, lets try to keep the pointless talk to a min.... 89 crx for sale... it is gunmetal has a wings west rs kit... del sol seats... black crx si dash, door panels, and steering wheel... apexi full cat back exaust... lexan hatch and rear quarter windows... does not have rear interior in it but can be put back in if you want... rollin on stock 89 si wheels... some sort of short ram intake... it could use a paint job but the body extreemly straight... zero dings... i dont have pics at the moment because my digi cam got stolen, but i will work on getting some or if you live in austin feel free to come take a look... asking $2500 firm... you can pm me or call 281.415.1052