Fs: H22a1

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I have an H22A1 that has a spun bearing. But, the Cams are still in the head, the head was just recently tested for warping and cracks and passed. After I spun the bearing I had the engine replaced with an H22A. I'm asking $450 but I am willing to negotiate. Questions or comments please email me at: cyberg82@hotmail.com
Whats the difference between a long or short block? All that I have is:

Valve Cover

I spun a bearing in the H22A1 engine so I replaced it with a jdm H22A. I know the old header, water pump, intake manifold and stuff like that are on the new engine.

It's basically the perfect candidate for a build up or head swap.

I can have pics by the end of this weekend.
You could probably get more than that if you parted it out. Unless you're selling to a friend or a respected peer, I'd break it up, and put it on ebay. I saw a head go for more than that on ebay, and a lot of people want internals, sensors, throttle body, intake, just so you know.....
am interested in the motor you have, was wondering if it still has the oil, pan and the oil pump with it, if it does not i would porob still be interested but ity would have to be for a smaller sum of money due in part to the fact that it needs over a $1000 dollars in parts to get the motor in to my car. definately interested would like to act soon so please post back or email me with reply
Thats cool, congrats on the buy. Unfortunatley, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of my engine, but I have confirmed that it is only the long block that is for sale. I will get pics up asap.
forgive the ignorance but what dyou mean by thrown a bearing?

i would just need the stuff for a head swap.
When I say I spun a bearing, I don't know exactly what it does, but one of the bearings (really 2 pieces) around the crank is caught by the crank and is forced to turn. If anyone else has any other input, on it, feel free to jump in. And unfortuanatley, I really don't have the time to pull it all apart. Otherwise I would and sell everything for much more. This means, you'll have to take the whole long block, (much better deal for all the parts rather than seperate) and tear it down your self. N E other Q's feel free to email me.