Fs: Itr & Ctr Cams

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2 litre EG

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asking 450 for slicks shipped [4x100 pattern]

ITRs without cam gears - 175 [shipped]
CTRs with cam gears - 250 [shipped]

if you want

ITRs and Slicks together then i'll let them go for 600 shipped
CTRs and Slicks - 650 shipped

2 litre EG

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Originally posted by pills_PMD@Jan 4 2003, 02:28 AM
wait. so these are actually both intake and exhaust cams? for those prices?? you must be crazy

yes they are both intake and exhaust cams... why do you say im crazy?? i dont need them, i just wanna get them outta my garage and make some room for other things...


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thats just such a damn good deal! i wish this was like 8 months ago.

2 litre EG

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haha i just need money so i listed a real low price that no one could refuse ;D... you guys can re-sell them if you want i could careless :D

so pills_PMD... your interested in the CTRs??

like im gonna tell everyone who is interested, first come first serve nah mean... so whoever is really really intersted PM me or emal me


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damn!! i spent 400 on my used CTR's, and i thought that was a deal!! :bash:


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if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

do you have pictures of these cams?

if you do...i'd be interested...and do you have references...

thanks, chet

2 litre EG

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yes i do have pictures of these Cams, but the CTRs have already been sol in florida thanks to autotrader :lol:

but ITRs are still up for grabs, and i told everyone who has PMed or emailed me that first come first serve

damn i had no idea i could sell the CTRs for that much... oh wells, too late noe ;p

2 litre EG

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CTRs acquired through RS Machining in my first LS/VTEC Set up


ITRs acquired through a friend when i bought my stock type-r head

2 litre EG

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ITRs have just been sold, cash will be deivered by wednesday, sorry everyone else

the slicks are still for sale whoever wants them


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hey jason, did you get my money order for the cams yet?

let me know...



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2 liter EG, start a vouch thread either here or on honda-tech. you will sell more parts and potential buyers will feel safer buying from you. this way everyone is in a better position...as you can see where i'm coming from.