FOR SALE!!! $400 + Shipping. Local pickup preferred.
My sweet 14x6 Konig C8's. All 4 wheels are in great condition, one wheel has slight curb rash and one wheel has an indent by the lugnuts from when i had to drill a lug out. They come with sweet Yokohama AVS-ES100 tires in 195/60/R14. The 2 front tires are nearly new with 80% tread left. The 2 rear tires have ~ 20% tread left. Still get a decent season out of them. These wheels and tires are wicked lightweight. 11lbs. I'm selling them to help with the cost of getting my own apartment. The wheels and tires will be as spotless as I can get them upon reception. I can take more pictures if needed. The wheels are off the mirage for now.

If you are interested...

shipping for the continental US is $150. less if you are closer to mass.

Email me at : Chrisswebdesign@verizon.net
AIM: iRomeo256
or PM me here. my Location is Southbridge, MA 01550.

NEW with azenis...

My OLD hatchie... :(

With the mirage big brakes...

Profile shot on the mirage...

The messed up lugnut hole. its the lug that is NEW. hardly anything there.