Fuel Pressure?

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I have a 97 civic w/b16a2 from 2000 si garet t3 turbo, vortech(brand new) FMU, STR fuel rail, stock injectors and an inline NOS fuel pump. all the sudden yesterday my car started running rough mostly at idle or when stopped. i'm getting real bad gas milage. but then on the way to work today the bitch would die when stopped I checked the fuel pressure and it was at 90psi. What the hell? I took off my stock fuel reg and mad sure gas would pass though, it did. took fuel rail off checked everything there no visable probs, took FMU off and made sure it would pass though and it did. When my car was started up the psi read 40 and then after runnign for a couple of seconds it shot up to 110 so I shut it down. anyon had any similar probs or any advice? man what a headache. please help I've slowed down and can't speed up!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1