fuel pump question

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im putting a b16a2 engine into my d15zb will the fuel pump need to be changed 2 a b16a pump

what other things will i need 2 uprate
D15ZB? Which car do you have? That's not a real engine code...

As long as you don't mod your engine, your stock fuel pump will probably be ok.
Originally posted by richie_vei@Dec 30 2002, 07:44 PM
i think in the u.s. its a vxi 1500 vtec e

your thinking of the civic vx (gets 50 mpg and VTECe? yea that is your car)
Hmmm. Well, if you want to swap out the fuel pump to the OEM B16 unit, it's not that expensive. I nabbed my Walbro for $150 (expensive)- I'm sure you can get an OEM B16 pump for much less than that. Installation is pretty easy too.
i just wanna run everythin standard until i get it running n my mate's helping me fit it n told me 2 ask if the 1500 fuel pump would cope with 1600 requirements
I honestly think you'll be ok, but I don't know the flowrates of all the Honda fuel pumps off the top of my head. I'd have to look it up... but I don't want you to try something and blow it up because I told you it would be ok.